• Miami cyclist riding in summer wearing Rapha on Cannondale Bike. Having fun in the Sun and getting a tan with shaved legs.

    Cycling needs for the Obsessed

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Don't be left behind

The Salve that saved me

The Ow-ee Salve was actually great for putting on some blisters I got from my shoes. Not the intended purpose but it worked. Just like the name Cure all Salve

-Tatiana Blades


Hi there.  I like Bikes. Scratch that. I love Bikes. I’m lying - I’m a bit obsessed and maybe you are too if you’ve found yourself here. I raced bikes during the Lance Armstrong Era. Fast forward from Oregon State Champion of Road Racing to 20 year hiatus from riding. Under pressure and strain of every day life I desired the need to escape and found that release through rediscovering my passion for cycling. With all the energy and enthusiasm for my renewed interest (soon to be obsession), I found that my body did not recover as quickly as it once did in my younger days. Saddle Sores were becoming quite a discomfort and inconvenience. I thought back to a home remedy my Mother used to make which was incredibly healing for cuts, blisters and things that make you go Ow-wee! Being a Biology major, I naturally took to the task of recreating Mom’s formula while including ingredients that would assist in rapid healing and recovery. The result, Psycolist Club’s very first product, the Ow-ee Salve.  The road to going fast as an athlete led the Psychololist Club to it’s second product, The Freeze, a cooling aloe vera base gel to assist with soothing muscles during recovery.  As a fellow enthusiast (and Psychonaut) I hope that our brand and products enhance and assist with your journey. Follow @psycholistclub on Instagram to learn more about how you can get involved in the Psycholist Community.

Give the Gift of Recovery

Nothing shows you care more than a gift that gives pain relief and soothing muscles. With a gift card, you can brighten up someone’s weekend ride. They’re available in any denomination and we’ll mail it for free!


Cure all Salve

Taint Saver